Eko Nori

Tue, 18.8.2020
Pavillon Le Corbusier
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Catia Lanfranchi – voice, organ, synthesizer

Lanfranchi mixes synths, organs and voice to evocative layers of wordless moods. Based on selected tunings, she uses frequencies as triggers for breath and sensory excitement in her and the listener. Besides voice and organ, she uses her built-in groovebox, a sampler and synthesizers. With her live sampling, she creates less classical songs, but rather soundscapes that rise from analog sources and condense and transform themselves with pulses and impulses. These are psychedelic textures that not only sound mysterious, but also enter the body and provoke emotions. Design, art and architecture have a great influence on her music and the creative process. For the Pavillon Le Corbusier she designs a composition inspired by the language of Le Corbusier, by the breathing processes in his creations, as well as by his creative process.
After visiting the pavilion, she will visualize what she has perceived on site to music, which will be played especially for the occasion.

Safety instructions Covid-19

The number of participants is limited. Please register below or by phone on 043 446 44 68. We welcome spontaneous guests as long as there are still free places available.

CHF 10 plus museum entrance fee



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