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1. Fundamentals
These Terms of Use govern the use of the website of the Pavillon Le Corbusier, operated by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (the museum of Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)), and of all domain addresses within the Pavillon Le Corbusier (e.g., name.pavillon-le-corbusier.ch).

Insofar as reference is made hereinafter to data and information, this refers to various digital contents, for instance works (including, among others, images and other graphic representations, texts, music, and programmes). Hereinafter such contents are as a rule referred to as data.

2. Intellectual Property
Insofar as individual works and digital contents are subject to a protective right under applicable intellectual property law, the respective legal basis shall apply, in particular copyright, design, and trademark law.

ZHdK and its members hereby assert their right to be identified as the rightful owners of these rights. These rights shall be usable only within the use authorization envisaged under applicable law. Where no legal provisions for the assignment of rights exist, contractual permission must be obtained.

Insofar as individual rights are subject to an open license (for instance, under an open Creative Commons Condition), these rights of use shall be usable pursuant to the stipulated conditions.

3. Warranties
ZHdK and its members have exercised the necessary diligence to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and admissibility of the data published on this website.

No warranty or guarantee is given or assumed for the accuracy, completeness, and admissibility of the data and references published on this website.

ZHdK assumes liability for the contents published on this website and for compliance with the corresponding provisions only insofar as it has knowledge of any unlawful content and can be held liable therefor under applicable law.

ZHdK reserves the right to either partially or completely amend, delete, or temporarily refrain from publishing contents on its website without prior notice.

All liability claims against ZHdK for material or immaterial damages resulting from the unauthorized access or unauthorized use of data published on this website, through the abuse of IT resources, or through technical failures are hereby excluded.

ZHdK has undertaken no measures to examine external websites that are not hosted by any of its servers or do not lie within its jurisdiction, or such websites that are linked to this website. ZHdK thus declines any responsibility for the contents and for the services offered on such websites.

4. Further Provisions
These Conditions of Use are governed by Swiss law, in particular as specified by the provisions of the special statutes of applicable intellectual property law and by applicable personal rights legislation and the corresponding punitive sanctions.

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